Our History...

The 2 Dollar Bills is an award winning four piece cover band from Milton, ON.  Formed in 2008, our line-up includes Rick Imus busting a groove on bass;  Cameron Potts hammering it out on drums and percussion; Dan Rau shredding it on lead guitar, and Domenic Storti crooning and swooning on lead vocals. 

Our 100+ song list draws from the very best of pop, rock and dance from the 70s, 80s, '90s and the early 2000s.  

Our high energy show will keep you movin', groovin' and singin' into the early morning hours.  

We play the songs you love and the ones you haven't heard in a while or forgot you loved. 


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Rick Imus

Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals

A teacher by trade, a musician at heart.  Rick has a BA of Music from Thompson Rivers University and a Music Diploma from Humber College and the London College of Music.  He is also the author of Etobicoke Guitar Workbook & CD, and Boomtown Guitar Workbook & CD as well a composer and producer of several musicals.  And if that’s not enough, he established the Rick Imus Music Studio in the 1990’s which has grown to three locations to serve music students in Campbellville, Acton, and Milton. 

Rick is the founding member of the 2 Bills and has always believed in ‘leaving the audience wanting more.’  His high energy moves and blistering bass and guitar solos always gets the crowd going.

Cameron Potts

Drums, Percussion

Growing up in Vancouver, Cameron got his musical start learning to play drums in high school. His high school music teacher often gave him the key to music room where Cam would spend hours lost in drum solos. He would later pick up the guitar, channeling his inner Jimmy Page.

A move to Ontario did not dampen his musical spirit. He was the drummer for an up and coming band in 2000's called Logan 5 which started to gain some momentum in the Toronto music scene.

Wanting to further his guitar skills, he took lessons at the Rick Imus Music studio and then became the lead guitarist for an early rendition of the 2 Dollar Bills.  A few line-up changes later, and Cam is now the drummer.  His quick wit and puns always keeps things light during rehearsals.  Although rarely seen in photos from our live shows, hIs prowess behind the kit keeps the rest of the band in line and the crowd movin.'

Dan Rau

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dan comes with a wealth of experience playing in various bands, both electric and acoustic, and he also taught guitar for many years.  He began playing as a self taught 13-year-old from Elmira Ontario, learning to play by ear and wearing out many albums in the process.

Inspired by Rik Emmett, Alex Lifeson and Randy Rhoads, Dan achieved Grade 8 Royal Conservatory Music Certification on Classical Guitar and was awarded 2 silver medals for twice scoring the highest mark in the Province of Ontario during his journey.  He also attended Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo to bone up on his music theory, harmony and voice leading knowledge.

While teaching (and continuously learning at the same time) Dan, wrote, produced and starred in the cable TV series “Hooked on Guitar.” Dan is also an author of the book called “Don’t be Afraid of Guitar Theory.”

Dan loves playing live shows and will rock you, serenade you, or funk you up…whatever the song demands.

Domenic Storti

Lead Vocals

Domenic's foray into music started in elementary school when he tried to start a band in grade 7.  Only able to play 2 chords on an acoustic guitar, he recruited a friend on accordian, another classmate on piano and another friend on drums.  They talked a lot about rehearsing but never quite got there.  He didn't give up on music as he would sing whenever he got the chance - usually in the shower.

At the age of 40, he attempted to pick up the guitar again, but soon gave up on ever becoming a guitar virtuoso.  Through a friend, he got a chance to audition for lead vocalist for the 2 Dollar Bills.  As no one else was up to stepping in front of the mic, he got the job and has been the lead vocalist ever since.

He channels his musical idols, such as Bono, Roger Daltrey, and Gord Downie during live performances.  He often looks to engage the audience with a back story to a song, or turning over the mic to someone or the crowd to sing along.  For Domenic, music is therapy and quenches the soul.